DO you believe in Dooms Day.....?

June 28, 2009 5:05am CST
Do you believe in dooms day ie.the earth will be no where in the year 2012.......I dont , what about you guys..........I dnt say that such a thing will happen...bUT there re some who believe in this............Any sayings........???
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@gretna (43)
• Italy
28 Jun 09
This is a prophecy by Maya people. They were very sage. I believe in a change but it could be very different from what we call end of the world. All planet will stand on the same line and this is dangerous but it could also be a change in the mentality and this is not bad nowadays!
@laurahen (596)
• Canada
14 Jul 09
Yes, 2012 was predicted by the mayan people but western society has taken the date and made it their own. What the mayans were predicting was the beginning the new cycle of the sun. they were very mathematical and had many different calendars which they lived by. 2012 is becoming completely overblown and it's become a method in which people are able to make money out of. i do not think anything different is going to happen other then the beginning of a new sun cycle.
• Malaysia
3 Jul 09
everything in this universe will eventually doom, include the whole universe itself. it's just a matter of time, when ? earth will eventually doom too, it has been exist for 10 billions years, no surprise if it will exist for another 10 billions' year, and it not surprise too if it doom now. either way, we can't do anything, so why worry of something you can control ?
@Quake93 (16)
• United States
28 Jun 09
well not only the Mayans but the Hopi as well as the native Americans say this. People we must all open are eyes and remember that all original people had to forms of records from paper to stone. And as time has went on the paper trail has surely been altered. As far as the stones are concerned they have been discovered and if you can go to the Giza pyrmids the truth is all over their walls. So it simply comes down to us accepting the truth.