Economic Meltdown

Bangalore, India
June 28, 2009 5:07am CST
Dear all, I am editing this from India. We are hearing about the economic meltdown or recession. How it affected your respective country and your life. We in here in India, the impact is not that crucial directly. Here in Bangalore, we can feel it indirectly. I dont know about the impacts on the other parts of the country. The outsourcing job on the decreasing mode. i wanted to know, how it is affected globally. In my view, which is gathered from the media is that the recession affected the U.S and the European countries very badly.What is the root causes of this recession and when this will be normal. After the globalisation,now it became that whatever happens, whether good or bad, it will affect globally. In my view this is happend because of the polices, domestic or internatioanl, of the U.S. or European countries.I will be happy to see a discussion about this in this forum
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