Do you ever think your ugly???In the world 2009 is beauty only skin deep?

United States
June 28, 2009 3:09pm CST
Do you or somebody you know always think that there ugly and they are incapable of love?They hate theyself and just want to die.I ask this because yesterday this girl was telling me how she lost all of her self esteem and she cant even look at herself in the mirror i mean she actually took all her mirrors off her wall.The moral of the question is why do we let the media trick us into believing whats beautiful.As she went on telling me about her story i sheded a tear cause she was ready to end her life over a skin color a face a size. I told her to work with what she got and dats a good heart not to mention she was drop dead gorgeous.My question is with the media the magazines the movies with all these stars and what not where do we as just regular people stand if beauty is everything what happens to the ones who lack it do they grow old and alone?OR IS BEAUTY ONLY SKIN DEEP?
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