what do you care about most?

June 28, 2009 7:46pm CST
Hi, my lotters, what do you care about most now? always we have different key points at different phrase of the life! and what is yours now? and now i come into such a sh*t condition, a massed condition, a complexed condition, with tons of things to do! my review, my paper should be completed, so is my experients , and i will be sent to the hospital for the clinical training.and i am indulging in the feeling of being afraid of marrige.and some trifles appears at any time. and friends would you like to share? posts will be apprieciated. and have a nice day!
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• Philippines
29 Jun 09
I just want to finish my college schooling so i can live free once again. I'm still young though so i don't have anything much to worry about except my studies. word of advice... stay calm and have time to meditate and clear your mind. it works for me... i seldom get frustrated or stressed. When a failing grade smacks me in the face i just say ohhh a failing grade. I'll do better next time. good luck in everything! ciao!
• China
29 Jun 09
yeah, your advice will be considered. yes, i sometimes do meditation and clear my mind, and actually it worked. yeah, i am now list the schedule and check the matters one by one! have a nice day !@
• Philippines
1 Jul 09
right now, topmost priority is to finish schooling. i shifted very late into my first course and now i'm finishing my second course in college. it's so aggravating though how my parents are pushing me to get married already since i'm an only child and they're itching to have grandchildren. though both my partner and i agreed that it isn't time yet. it's just crazy how i think they expect me to get married as soon as i graduate. i'm also working part time at a good company and i have good support coming from both personal and work life. i've finished the hardest classes in my course and i'm more or less just breezing through the general subjects that need to be taken. so aside from the implicit pressure from my parents, there's nothing bothering me for now that a good drink or two with friends wouldn't chase away. just enjoy life as it is given to you and things more or less work their way to the path that would be best for you.