Who likes a good fishing tale???

@Beertjie (978)
South Africa
June 28, 2009 9:22pm CST
Fisherman/woman are found in all parts of the world in all areas of society. Not everyone goes fishing often or takes it sesiously, but do it on occation, or jusr read some fishtales. Well, great news for all who show the least interest in fishing or fishing tales. I have started a blog. It contains tales of things that happened by the water, fishing tips, and whatever i decide to write about that concerns fishing. Feel free to have a look, I will be updating very often because I have many tales to tell, all fro experience. Some are realy funny, some to learn a lesson. Something about everything will be on there, so if you are interested, become a follower, you will not be disapointed, promise. The site is under blogger, called; beertjie-fishtales.blogspot.com Hope you find it pleasant reading, andplease, share your tales or tips with me. If you have a blog, and I find it in my large group of interest, I will follow your blog. Just let me know what and where. blessings
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