Trying something for my acne

United States
June 28, 2009 10:08pm CST
I'm 47 years old and have an acne problem. I have tried different things to help get rid of the acne and got no where! Now i'm trying Something called "Nature's Cure". It is pills that has natural homeopathic. I take one pill in the morning and one at night. I started last week and won't see results for a few weeks. If this dosn't work i'll see a doctor! If I wasn't 47 this wouldn't be bothering me! I'm to old for this stuff!
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@suesala (10)
• Canada
9 Jul 09
I had bad acne which I cleared up using Therasol from It worked really well, getting rid of existing acne and preventing further acne. I then had to get rid of acne scars, which I successfully did with Peelife also from - it is a home microdermabrasion machine that has worked wonders on my skin. I now enjoy glowy, soft and smooth skin! Very happy with the results. has effective products and the site hosts a bunch of information for you to make your own informed decision.
@wisconsin26 (3859)
• United States
30 Jun 09
I've tried everything from prescription medications for acne to clean and clear and guess what nothing worked.. The only thing that worked for me, you may find this funny but yet not but DOVE soap the bar NOT the body soap in the bottle. I wash my face every day with it twice a day morning and night and noticed I don't have acne.. I used to have really bad acne.. Also I used to stress out alot as well and learned to deal with my stress as well and worry alot.. Those are two good things that will cause Acne.. I suggest if you try that it might help alot mainly if you have very sensitive skin...