japanese cartoons taking over the world!!

@rushil92 (145)
June 29, 2009 5:57am CST
ok i hate japanese anime.their animation stamdards are really low and they have really monotonous and boring stories.but theres no denying it...todays kids are flipping for this stuff!when i was a kid i used to watch the roadrunner and coyote show,sylvester and tweety,tom and jerry,etc.cartoons used to be funny and well made.now kids watch pokemon digimon naruto bleach etc.at my time cartoons used to be abput fallind anvils and explosives.today they are about wierd monsters and magical powers.i mean they are meant for negative 'iq'ed people. what do u guys think?
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@gcorp09 (940)
• Singapore
30 Jun 09
I will say that it all depends on the "era" we had grown up, and also what the local TV was showing at that time. For me, I had grown up watching lots of the American cartoons as well as some Japanese ones as well. At my time, the local TV showed a lot of the American cartoon such as Tom and Jerry, Smurf, Carebears, He-Man, Mickey Mouse etc... These are all classics which I remember watching at my time, and recently, my local TV station decided to show some of these classics on TV again. In addition to these, I do also remember that I had also watched some of the Japanese cartoons such as Doraemon. That's one of my favourite when I was young.
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• United States
13 Mar 11
I do not care for these cartoons as well. I agree I enjoy the classics that were on tv when we were a kid. They may have had their share of violence but they kept your interest and they made sense no matter where you started watching. Not much of a story it's like watching a texas hold'em poker turnamint the eyes, the flipping of cards and seeing facial reactions.... boring.
@megumiart (3781)
• United States
30 Jun 09
The same can be said for American cartoons. Anime storylines are meant to be more dramatic and captivating, like primetime times like "Lost" and "Gossip Girl." I think their animation standards are in general much higere than other cartoons. Anyone can draw a cartoon character, where anime characters are more realistic, glamorized/cute and proportionate.
@pxm204192 (160)
• China
30 Jun 09
yes, i have a experience that when i was a childhood, i had seen the japanese carton picture, have you heard the japanese cartoon children story of the firm arm of named a, it is a long long ago, perhaps, it is 1978 or ever before, this carton story can leave a lot of the beautiful impression of my childhood, and give a lot of imagination of own, give a lot of fun. this make me miss such period of time i had spent. nowdays, children have a more fun cartoon mode and people patern, they are more attractive to the young children again and again. because of this, i had admire this generation young children, more enjoyment, more knowledge, more study resource,more study style,they are very so lucky.nowdays, the cartoon made of chinese country is also well for the young people. i think that they make a lot of the interest cartoon edited by the traditional story, and give the traditional story a new modern factors on it, make the model of the people more proper to the modern society that want to the people to be. i think this business are also the big culture properties for all of us.
@flaredust (728)
• Indonesia
30 Jun 09
I also don't quite agree with you. I'm not a cartoon lover, at least nowadays, but my childhood filled with cartoon movies. We shouldn't separate cartoon by the country, may be one movie just plain cartoon and the other is pretty good. I agree if you said pokemon is not in the top list of your favorite cartoon, pokemon only good at their first start, the longer episodes getting boring and boring. But you must see other anime like mentantei conan, or rurouni kenshin, or even evangelion. Those are good anime, not just boring one, those anime could improve children knowledge about history, philosophy of life, also sharpen the children analytical mind. It's important not to generalized every movie by its country.
@JBKnutsen (427)
• Northern Mariana Islands
29 Jun 09
I think the reason is why children watch this is simple. They want to. They have grown up with this, like you grew up with Tom & Jerry. I myself don't like the Japanese cartoons, or animes. The only one I like is Pokemon, because I grew up with it. Pokemon was a giant hit. I don't think they are for people with bad IQ either. Ok, so the animation isn't great, but that's the style. The stories are also much deeper than dropping an anvil on someones foot.
@surfermac (466)
• India
29 Jun 09
man they are much not known for their stories but for the drawings you see every drawing has a speciality of its own face and one thing is eyes the shine in their eyes superb and some are great in their story too i got fed up with that tom and jerry and other stuff as they keep on throwing repeated episodes on our face but here one or the other comes so i prefer them over what you prefer