How do you deal with pressure?

June 29, 2009 8:05am CST
May I ask? Co'z I'm pressured about many things these days..
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@freedomg (1684)
• United States
29 Jun 09
I have to admit I have a hard time dealing with all of the pressure in my life. I have chronic anxiety disorder and so when I get stressed out I have panic attacks that feel like heart attacks. I don't take the meds. the doctor gave me because I have 4 kids and don't think you can be a good mother when you are blasted half out of your mind all day so instead I buy a lot of air dry clay. I am an artist so no one is surprised when they see me out on the back porch "softening" the clay, to get it good and soft I hold it as far above my head as I can and slam it down on the mat I lay on the concrete.By the time the clay is ready to work with I feel much better.I hope that what ever it is in your life that has you under so much pressure opasses soon and with ease. Good luck
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@meandmy3 (2229)
• United States
29 Jun 09
The best thing I can tell you is to stick with your believes and your wants in life. Do not let others influence you and make certain that what you are doing is in fact what you want to do and not what someone else wants you to do. Life is hard at times and we all have challenges and difficult decisions to make. the best thing to do is give it a lot of thought and make certain that what you are doing is what you really want to do.