abduction and murdering after that what kind of law is it...huh?

June 29, 2009 9:48am CST
hi i'm 17 year old boy. from the recent activities taking places in the world.. i want to say that people are abducting and killing them after that... even after taking money frm their parents they kill the victims... is that a proper act of mankind.. where is all the law and maintainance, are the government dead??/ recent activity was a girl who was abducted was killed violently(in parts) and thrown after 17 days from the day of abduction...(the parents even have given the amount of money the abducters wanted..but also she was killed... is this fair...for the parents...for family and relatives... if this is done so freely then are we safe out in this country??? plz see and talk about this act and what must be done to stop such kind of acts... plzzzz do response to it???
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