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June 29, 2009 12:05pm CST
I got into a fight with my husband about how he lets me down and then isn't even remorseful, he kind of just tries to wait it out and he never really does much with an apology. So we kind of made up but I guess there is still residual anger and I had this nightmare that he was letting me down again. So of course I woke up furious with him, but then I just got sad when I thought about the possibility that he will probably let me down a million more times. Is it so common to have anger issues when it is just a dream? I have heard about women having dreams that their "significant others" have cheated on them or done something terrible in their dreams and then the men wake up with a punch to their head. You know what I'm saying?
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@oyenkai (4398)
• Philippines
9 Jul 09
That's a very sad situation. I'm not married so I can't give a "married woman"s advise. I would however like to learn more about your situation :) It wouldn't hurt to protect myself from unwanted circumstances in the future, right? :) Before you got married, did he act the way he does now? Did you guys get into fights and never really ended up resolving issues? You simply kept on "somewhat making up" just so the two of you would stop fighting? If so, and if you weren't happy with that situation then, why did you marry him? I'm pretty interested with such conditions because I think that people who marry know their partners well enough to tell themselves "this is what I got myself into and I knew the consequences and I know that I have to resolve this". Thanks for the response on my discussion :)