Transfer Saga

Slush funds  - The amount of money exchanging hands in football is astronomical and unrealistic
June 29, 2009 5:20pm CST
When the entire world is in the throes of a recession,when job losses are abound and nations,industries and sectors are starved of liquidity - Do you guys think the humongous amount of money that is exchanging hands in the transfer market is kind of gross and insensitive,keeping in mind the global sentiments . I have no reservations against players of Kaka or Ronaldo's calibre fetching such a mind boggling transfer money . But you will see even the prices of average players have become inflated which totally tilts the scale in favour of the big clubs who have the financial clout . Dont you guys think Fifa should put a cap on transfer spending to create a more level playing field and to honour global sentiments?
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@schmo95 (25)
29 Jun 09
Talk of a transfer cap is difficult, but i do agree that the 80M for Ronaldo and 56M for Kaka is boardering on ridiculous. Being a Bolton Wanderers fan, ie a small club in the Premier League, we are negatively effect by these prices. With only a small budget players are costing more and more and we are simply going to end up unable to compete. The gap between big and small clubs can only get better and with the amounts of foreign owners now in the premier league it seems the only way to compete now i with moeny. On addition to this youth talent with be stifled with English players unable to come through the ranks and being replaced by expensive foreign talent. I do think Fifa need to do something else spending will simply end up snowballing out of control