Do you have any tattoos ?

United States
June 29, 2009 7:32pm CST
I am thinking about getting one on my back while I am on vacation next month and vegas ...not sure what i will get one of yet , but I thgink i want one . My sister has 3 many to you have ? Do you like tattoos?
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@Poison_Girl (4163)
• United States
30 Jun 09
I love tattoos and I think they're awesome. I only have one and it's on the right side of the small of my back. I got a little cat face that I always draw, so it's kind of like my little signature mark. My friend gave me the idea and I just LOVED it, so I got it done. I'd like to get more, but I haven't really decided what to get yet. Oh! I know what I would love to do! I once saw a lady with tattoos of her cats on her back. I wanna do THAT! I mean, get pictures of my cats tattooed on me. That would be so cool. I think it would be a bit pricey, though. :(
@kmaram (2535)
• Philippines
30 Jun 09
Hi there, no i dont have any tattoo maybe thats one thing that i will not do to myself. I am not against to any people who have tattoo anyway somehow its an art, but i am not really fond of having it. I have nothing to say but if you choose to make tattoo in your body just make sure it will added beauty to you and this will not cause anything bad to yourself. I heard that if you have tattoo you cant donate any blood is thats true? well correct me if i'm wrong, happy mylotting =)