What is the best gaming Mice/Keyboards combo?

Sri Lanka
June 29, 2009 11:11pm CST
I have decided to go in for a set of gaming keyboard/mouse/mouse pad(hard or soft) and would like to know what the best combos are. Ihave never used a gaming keyboard or mouse before.Also there are no retailers in my country that sell this kinder stuff,so I'm planning to buy this stuff online. So all the info I got about these products are from the net: Razer Lachesis, Razer Tarantula, Razer Destructor, Roccat Kone, Roccat Taito. My primary two buying choices are: 1.)Razer Lachesis + Razer Tarantula + Razer Destructor 2.)Roccat Kone + Razer Tarantula + Razer Destructor My secondary choices are: 3.)Razer Lachesis + Razer Tarantula + Roccat Taito 4.)Roccat Kone + Razer Tarantula + Roccat Taito After a lot of research I decided that the kone would be a better choice over the Lachesis but I here there are issues with the mouse wheel breaking. Some may ask why Logitech products aren't here, well the G9 does seem nice but It hasn't the real look that gets my attention, and keyboards? forget it I'm not gonna use the LCD screen any way.But don't let that discourage you from suggesting them :), I'm open to all and any suggestions. P.S:- I'm planning to buy the products on www.Amazon.com(cause the prices are cheaper :) )
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