Reality TV gone mad...

June 30, 2009 8:53am CST
I am one of the biggest culprits for falling into the trap of watching reality tv such as I'm a Celebrity, Big Brother and so on, but this week there is a barmy new one starting on Living TV called 4 Weddings. The concept is that each week 4 brides get together, go to each others weddings, rate each others weddings then the one with the highest points wins their honeymoon. It should be a memorable intimate day with those closest to you and I find this a seedy nasty concept. I'd love to hear anyone elses opinion of this, what do you think? Have you ever applied or taken part in reality tv?
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30 Jun 09
The terrible thing is that despite my absolute hate of reality shows such as Big Brother, when I read about 4 Weddings ,the first thing I thought was that I'd love to watch it. The second thing I thought was that I couldn't, because I don't have Living TV (I have Freeview). No, I've never taken part in a reality TV show and I don't think I ever will. One reality show I really hate is the X Factor and when people can sing, they nowadays always seem to decide to audition for things like that. I have a friend who is a brilliant singer but when my other friend was telling her she should audition, I told her not to. Shows like that just put complete stress on people and make the singers so over-rated that very few actually get a good career out of it. I now kind of feel the same about Britain's Got Talent after seeing what happened to Susan Boyle and the young singer Holly. The other problem with these is that the audition progress is often shown as a complete lie. For example they make it look like everyone who auditions gets to see the judges but I know that is far from true (I know people who have auditioned). If you're average they don't let you through to them, only the really bad and really good ones go through, which gives false hope to the really bad ones and is probably why a lot of them actually think they're very good.
30 Jun 09
I absoutely couldn't have put it better myself...did you know they're comparing it to Come Dine with me?
30 Jun 09
I was trying to think of which other show it slightly reminded me of and that was it! The rating and slagging off will probably be quite the same. I think I have less a problem with reality shows like this because the people who apply for them know more about what they're getting themselves into and in ways they're quite realistic (I'm sure a lot of people have eaten at someone's house then told someone they thought the food was terrible or have said they'd 'never wear' the wedding dress someone has chosen). Also, the people in them can't really be looking for fame as they play on smaller channels and never reach half of the 16 million viewers shows like Britain's Got Talent reach. Though again, I doubt I'd ever apply for them. Although I'm sure people get good money for doing so.
@Tiamjr (435)
30 Jun 09
Yes, I saw a trailer for it. It said if you like come dine with me then you'll like this. It does seem a bit sad that there are people out there who would like their weddings to be criticised by others, but some people will do anything to get on tv these days. It can sometimes be fun to watch but at other times it seems like an horrific car crash. I watch 'come dine with me' sometimes, so am a little intrigued, but not yet decided if I will watch it or not. I suppose it depends what I'm doing at the time. All reality shows seem to thrive on nasty concepts, and that is probably what makes people watch them most of the time. I haven't applied to be on a tv show yet. I think I've got too much sense to do
30 Jun 09
lol ;) it's a good job some of us have!!!
@tutul0045 (2631)
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1 Jul 09
Hey hairy, Hairypits? . Anyways .. well iam not fond of reality shows at all. We have some stupid shows here in India and unfortunately people watch all these craps. Even my friends watch it and some of them recommended me some shows. I watched it a couple of times and then gave up . Iam stupid, i agree. But there is a limit of stupidity . These reality shows have crossed that limit. Cheers, Tutul