Anyone else see the movie TWIGHLIGT then read the book as well

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June 30, 2009 11:08am CST
I understand that the books have more descritions and that they leave room for imagaintaion.. I saw the movie Twighlight and LOVED it, i loved it so much and couldnt wait for the NEW MOON to come out i decided to read the book.. Well i read all 4 sagas of the book that is out. After reading the book i was disappointed in the movie.. Had i read the book first i dont think that i would have liked the movie at all.. After reading the book i felt that the movie jipped me, i didnt get enough out. there were important parts in the book that the movie by passed and even left out completely, important parts that NEEDED to be in the first movie so that when the others came out it made sense... Dont get me wrong i still like the movie still bought still watch and still cant wait for the second NEW MOON to come out. Just a part of me wishes that i either didnt read the books altogether or i didnt love the movie so much! anyone have these thoughts that have read the book and seen the movie?
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@hannah88 (258)
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16 Jul 09
I have also have watch the movie first before reading the book. I was also a bit disappointed because some of the scenes in the movie are jumbled with other scenes that is in the book. There are also scenes at are in different locations. Just like: in the book, Edward first kissed Bella in the forest while in the movie, that kissing scene was in Bella's room. But, seeing the movie first also helped me appreciate reading the book.
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30 Jun 09
hmmm... i would have to disagree on this. I usually prefer books/novels than screen adaptations but Twilight is a rare exemption. I think the book is meant for pre-teens/young teens. To be honest, I didn't even bother to read New Moon or the succeeding books. I would love to see New Moon (the movie) when it comes out though.
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30 Jun 09
I have read the twilight saga. I loved the books. I went into the movie twilight knowing they were going to leave things about and add things that weren't in the book so with that in mind I thought the movie was good. Maybee New Moon will have more of the book in the movie. The director that directed New Moon directed the Golden Compass and people said that that movie was really close to the book. When your turning a book into a movie you can please everyone. Someone is always going to be mad at something lefted out of switched around. As for twilight. The whole field trip scene was just dumb. They should have used the blood test scene if they wanted to show Edward and Bella having more dialogue with each other before she finds out what he is. I understand why they did the meadow scene the way they did. I didn't mind it being out if place.I also didn't mind them bring James and his gang more into the movie earlier on. You kinda had to do that so people wouldn't be like WTF, who are these people when they come onto the baseball field. You wouldn't know that there were other things out there cause they left the scene out were Bella goes walking in the woods and then later Edward tells her to not go in the woods alone cause he is not always the most dangers think out there.