What I have done today?

June 30, 2009 11:26am CST
I woke up 330 in the afternoon and still feel very lazy to stand up. Since I need to cook for my very late breakfast, I have to wake up. The reason why I wake up so late is because I was awake until 5 in the morning because I am still having an insomnia for almost a month now. I am not sure if it is an insomnia or I am still adjusting to the weather here in Europe because this time, they have short nights and longer days. So i cannot close my eyes when outside is still bright. Anyways, back to what I have done, I clean the dirty kitchen and cook some bread. I also clean the bed room and the toilet. Before I make discussions here again, I went to Post first and got some letters. Later I am not so sure what I will be doing. There is nothing much happening to me since I am not currently working. But if time comes that I get my job back, I might not have enough time to post discussions here but I will make a promise that I will still make a post at least 2 or 3 in a day to keep me posted with all the responses and comments by users. What have you done today? Share to us and we will be very happy to listen. Happy Mylotting! Jeff
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