President Obama

@reader (709)
June 30, 2009 1:20pm CST
What is your opinion of President Obama?
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• Malaysia
5 Jul 09
erm, he change the white president history in US really and it cant be denied. but after he take over the job, what he promise seem like hard to achieve, it will make people a bit doubt of his ability anyway, i think that he should improve more and i believe that he have the ability to change the US but jus need some time to adopt the environment and use some method that can be accepted by US citizens and refresh them gambateh o , obama, you are the best
@coolcoder (2020)
• United States
30 Jun 09
He's a socialist. He's a fascist. He's a liar. He's a hypocrite. He's many other things I'd like to say, but they wouldn't be allowed here on MyLot, so I'll keep them to myself. That's my opinion.
@Bobbo696 (23)
• United States
30 Jun 09
Well I don't know much about politics but I personally wanted McCain to win. It is mainly because of the whole abortion thing because I am catholic. I think Obama will be a good president but I just don't like what he is planning on doing in Iraq and his views on abortion.