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June 30, 2009 5:01pm CST
A close family member of mine has started a road to recovery. He has been sober four and a half months now and went to a rehab and is now in a halfway house. Now two weeks ago he learned of another way to stay sober and it is called Rational Recovery where one does not have to attend meetings but more or less just change their way of thinking. (from what I gathered anyway) I checked out the website and it seems like it would work. I am just wondering how many people also think the RR way could work. That one can maintain sobriety without going to AA meetings? I will post the link here if anyone is interested in checking it out before answering. This site also says their technique will work with other addictions as well such as gambling smoking or drugs. This person in my life has not stopped going to meetings but has simply started using the RR way with AA. I am looking forward to any and all feedback. Positive and negative. Thanks!
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