Michael Jackson media coverage

@wendyf (23)
United States
June 30, 2009 9:31pm CST
What do you think of all the Michael Jackson media coverage? I was watching a program last night that suggested that the media's slant on the coverage was racial. That the same coverage wasn't given to the controversy surrounding Elvis of JFK. It was also said that black people had always supported Michael and that it was white people who put him down. Now, I personally have never enjoyed watching anyone dance more than I like to watch Michael. I also have enjoyed his music since the night I was him on the 25th anniversary of the Apollo when he did Billie Jean. I wasn't but 6 years old, but I remember the glove and the moonwalk, my all time favorite Michael Jackson moment. Does that mean that I don't also remember the child abuse allegations? I do remember and I think that is also part of the legacy he left, as well as some of the other bizarre stories surrounding his life. I also have heard and seen the media about Elvis dying on the toilet from a drug overdose and JFK's affair with Marilyn. I don't believe the media has slanted the coverage so we are only remembering the bad stuff, but if they didn't report about that along with the other, wouldn't we accuse them of making him a martyr? Let me know what you think. Is the media racially slanted or are they reporting truthfully?
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