helping and lerarning

July 1, 2009 8:06am CST
at our school,we sometimes have s apecial day to hlep others.last year we went to an old pepple's home and sang songs and perfomed a play for .the old people were very happy.we should beallowed to take time to do things like that more often.for wxample,we should visit primary .schools and hlep teach youngstudents.l want to be a teacher whenl'm older so it sould be a great experience for a me.other students would like to do other jobs.for example,my frieng tian ge wants to write for a newspaper.she should be allowed to vilunteer at the newpaper office once a week. on friday afternoons.many studebts are sleepy after a long week of classes. some students should bi allowed to have friday afternoons off to volunteer and hlep others.
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