Do you make some silly cooking mistakes?

@mermaidivy (15412)
United States
July 1, 2009 11:16am CST
I just thought of this topic to write about ;-) I was preparing the food for the dinner tonight - Italian vegtable soup and garlic bread; I was mixing the garlic butter for the garlic bread, I need some seasoning for it, because I doin't rmember which one so I just open the cover and sniff every single one that look like what I should need... one of the covers was full of it andit makes me sneeze like crazy...(I'm still sneezing now...) I'm sure if my hubby is here, he will laugh his bu*t off hehe :-p I think confusing salt and sugar is common at least I have heard it more than 3 times from my friends :p but I don't because I always remember it. Hmmm what else? Do you have some funny cooking experiences to share with us? ^_^
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@rainmark (4306)
4 Jul 09
Sometimes when i am cooking i am experimenting dishes. And it always ended up into a disaster. One recipe ( spring rolls wrapper) that im trying to make but i never ever become successful but i keep trying. Err i need duck eggs and can't find it here lolz. Cheers.
• Philippines
2 Jul 09
I have my own story to tell since I love to cook. Actually here to where I stay, you can easily differentiate their salt from sugar. They don't have fine sugars here, the sugar that you can buy are rock sugars, big like salt. But their salt here are fine like iodized. But I haven't got an error in cooking misplacing sugar that i thought would be salt. The blunder that i got was when I was trying to make a crispy onion ring. I thought i have baking soda since they look the same with baking powder, flour and corn starch. Oh boy, if these were not really place and labeled when you took them out of their bags, you will get a big mess. It was just placed by hubby in a plastic canister without a label. I thought i had the correct canister since I was confident it was baking powder, well it turned out that it wasn't , its a corn starch, the onion rings did not expended and didn't looked crispy. Anyway, that will serve as a lesson now for me.