Is it true that intelligent people are less emotional?

July 1, 2009 12:44pm CST
In other words ignorant people seem to be more emotional.May be intelligent people pose to be brave and indirectly saying I am brave enough and won't be carried away with these emotions? Women are more emotional, is it not? What are your views, mylotters?
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@eshaan (6193)
• India
2 Jul 09
i dont think that intelligence and being emotional are concerned with each other...but is possible that as the intelligent people are engaged in some activity or the other they get less time to think over emotional matters and they become practical in you can see ...that as businessman have no fixed hours of working, they continue their work till late night and they feel that instead of reaching hime early i can make few thousands more and then go home...that doesnt mean that they dont feel for their family members, but they think practically....being emotional is not bad....but we should nto be emotional fools...
@shakil8 (407)
• India
1 Jul 09
absolutely not they are also emotiona...............i mean look at me i'm also intelligent but very emotional person.........its just we don't show our emotion to everyone
@OConnell87 (1046)
1 Jul 09
i don't think women are more emotional i think they display their emotion more because of the thing that men shouldn't show their emotions. Intelligence is hard to measure because what i'm good at you may be rubbish at and vice versa so we couldn't say who is more intelligent. I do see my self as intelligent in certain aspects and i have a very emotional person