Use SPIQ to make money.

United States
July 1, 2009 12:52pm CST
SQIP is an up and coming site where it is offering all new members a chance to hold a part of its shares. The idea is that they will give you 100 free PEPS (which are like shares) when you sign up, and as the site grows in popularity, they will purchase back those PEPs, and you have made a good deal of money. Currently each share is worth around $1 USD. So you are looking at $100 easy. If you would like to give it a try, you can find a like to the site in my profile. It will be at the very bottom. Hope this was a bit helpful.
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@kumarpslv (3218)
• India
1 Jul 09
Still I don't understand the concept of this site.They are giving free PEPs up to 10 levels.The have mentioned the value of the PEPs in terms of Euro. But if we see the exchange rate for these PEPs , it differing from county to country and it is not as like our currency conversion. I tried to convert the Euro into Indian Rupee(INR) and got 1 Euro= 0.6749 INR..But if we convert in the currency converters, it will come around 67.66 INR. I don't this is a bug in their system or they have separate PRP value for each of the countries.When I tried to convert into USD, it is same and correct. They have told that we can convert the equity into the commission and this can be withdrawn. Let us see what happens.
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• Germany
12 Oct 09
They made many many changements in their business model. But what stays is, they want to build a big world wide community and sell it in summer/autumn 2010. In order to sign up many members quickly, they gave out the welcome PEPs. But obviously most of the people simply wait for a "windfall profit" and only a few members have expanded the number of members by building a strong downline.
• Malaysia
15 Oct 09
Hi Ultimamagix, thank you for your information. To be very honest I am totally skeptical about this opportunity. But, since it's a free service I just join the site. it just an experimental to make sure on how reliable it is. I hope it is not a scam site. For what ever it is I am not counting that much to this site.
• Germany
12 Oct 09
They have made a big jump ahead last days: The module works to transfer PEPs between members. But what is important: not to remain in a passive waiting postition on the level of the 100 welcome PEPs. They only pay the lump sum (hopefully next year summer/autumn) to those who have built a downline of at least 3 members, that is, those who own at least 103 PEPs. A short cut to own 103 PEPs might be to buy some PEPs from somebody else instead of having built a downline.