Do you believe that there is a relationship between sun signs and behaviour ?

July 1, 2009 1:56pm CST
There are so many articles and books that gives description of the behaviour of people for each sun sign. What I feel is that these personality traits that are attributed to sun signs are compiled by observing the real people over a period of time. But will it be fair to say that a new born will grow up and acquire the behaviour guided by his/her sun sign ? what do you say ?
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• India
1 Jul 09
it is fair to say that people belonging to a particular sun sign have a great chance of exhibiting certain character traits. but, it does not necessarily mean that ech and every soul has to behave that way. most of the people are found to exhibit similar traits. and ,just like for everything in life, there are always exceptions to each and ervy rule. so, you will find different people too.
• United States
1 Jul 09
i actually deal a bit with astrology, though no where as good as the professionals. Time and time again i have read the different descriptions of the 12 sun signs and observed that the people born under them have very similar traits if not exact. I say very similar because sometimes when a person is born say under Taurus, they may have an Aquarius rising sign that messes with it giving us a mix of the two personalities. so yes. i very much so believe that our sun sign effects us.