she has cancer take your dog back

July 1, 2009 2:12pm CST
i'm so annoyed at my relatives. my grandmother is dying of cancer and my cousin sent her dog to my grandma's house for her to dog sit for a few months. well she's at a point where she can't even get out of bed and we've told her twice to take her dog back. she lives on a farm but is having her kitchen redone so that's why she doesn't want the dog there. anyway after last nights conversation to my cousins parents about her dog. they responded well i know grandma is allergic to it but i thought she was fine when she vaccuumed. hello she can't vaccuum she is dying of cancer and is sick in bed. how can they send this huge dog over especially when she is allergic and sick with cancer and expect her to take care of it anc vaccuum the hair every day. i'm so mad at how they are treating the situation. they obviously don't care about her health
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@OConnell87 (1046)
1 Jul 09
how selfish of your cousin, especially when your grandmother had been looking after the dog before she couldn't do it anymore. You should put the dog in kennels where it can be looked after properly until your cousin can take it bag and send her the bill
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1 Jul 09
ya that's what my neighbour told me to do last night when i was in tears over this issue. they aren't seeing that it is causing extra stress that my grandmother doesn't need right now and could actually kill her. it's a big dog and if my grandmother does get up for something and is that weak it could knock her over.