what do you think of my poem?

@arneljb (224)
July 1, 2009 8:19pm CST
This my first time to share my original poem. i think that i made when i was still a new teacher. my korean student named Brian inspired me to do it. It's not out of love but it is about the "jung" they call it in their own Korean language. NOW THAT I FOUND YOU BRIAN The rainbow has been appearing from the horizon After the heavy downpour of an eerie rain Corroborated by the threat of the stinging lightning And the wrath of the muttering thunder. Flowers sprouting, within the savage zone Blossoms shine as sun peeps behind the mountain Blissed out bees and butterflies, together keep on dancing In chime of the humming breeze that’s getting debonair. Erstwhile there seems to be no sky Canopy’s beauty exists only to sigh Shoots emerge merely to die Everyone comes to bid goodbye. In the desert dissipated cactus screams 0n the verge of succumbing from the furious beams But surmise to see the gentle rain Although it is accustomed pain. Robins in the nest start to sing When in the twigs baboons swing And in the ground varmint’s playing While ducklings enjoy unrestrained flirting. All and sundry turns to be enlivened Now that I found you Brian.
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