You say I'm sorry to someone and they blow up in your face?

United States
July 1, 2009 9:13pm CST
Okay so I didn't have the room to really write the whole title. My thought it is why do people tend to make such a big deal about you saying I'm sorry even if you were the one that started fight or argument that your saying I'm sorry about. Now let me explain. I got into it with my ex-friend. We weren't dating so I can't call him my ex-boyfriend. Anyways, he got upset with me because I told him off. This past mothers day was my birthday too and I was scheduled to have surgery for my galbladder to be taken out the week after that. So I got upset because he was selfish and insecure and made me mad after him saying that he might come up and spend time with me and my daughter in gatlinburg, TN which is where I go a lot on weekend trips. It's just more fun up there than being in the same old place all the time. If you can imagine gatlinburg has a lot of stuff that myrtle beach has. Ripley's aquarium started here and so on. Anyways, i went off him three different times within two weeks and i accidentally forwarded something to him today and he sent me a txt back about it. well when we got done texting he was basically asking me why he should be begging to take me back since I was talking to him. I told him that I didn't want him to take me back that i was just trying to say that I wasn't myself because of the surgery and you all have no idea how much pain can cause you to do wierd things. Anyways, I was trying to apologize to him and it like he wanted to B#$%^ to me about the stuff and all I wanted to do was to say I was sorry for going off on him the way I did. He still needed to hear what I said to him. Excuse he still needed to see what I was trying to text to him. He wouldn't call me or really let me talk to him. He never answered the phone when I did call and then he wonders why I wanted to just say friends. so here's my question, why do men have a hard time hearing I'm sorry? Could it be because they know they were the ones in the wrong.
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@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
2 Jul 09
I liked your discussion because that's what I've been asking also for the past months. Most men are really complicated, some of them even don't know how to say sorry and if you say sorry to them, they find it hard to comprehend. What's wrong with some of them?
• United States
2 Jul 09
My computer connection kept cutting in and out when I was posting that but I'm glad that you kind of got my question on it. Its not that I really want him back as more than friends. I just felt bad about it and had brought up the nerve to say I was sorry and I'm a taurus. I'm stubborn and very hard headed so I don't like to admit when I was the one that was in the wrong for saying something like what I said. I just felt if he really wanted something with me he would make it work. He wouldn't tell me he wanted to spend time with me and then back out of it every single time. We've been talking off and on since august. And he's been doing this since we started talking. I had actually wanted to take it to the next level and have a relationship and everything keeps being about him.