What makes someone a great friend?

United States
July 1, 2009 9:36pm CST
i think someone who is loyal n someone whose a commited friend. i mean someone whose willing to be ur friend for a long period of time. not just for right now while they hang out with cooler or popular ppl. wat do u think
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@peace001 (727)
• China
2 Jul 09
as to be good friends we should keep a promise and trust each other.
@puqimx (360)
• Malaysia
2 Jul 09
hello justbeingtiffany..You!! In all actuality that is the only answer but to brake it down it's like this they are the friend that can look across the room and know what your thinking especially if someone else is being a pain in the B--- and make you smile When you are going someplace really cool their the ones you would rather go with! You know it's not how long you know someone that makes them your great friend but it's how well you know them in the time you've known them and how well the friendship is progressing that makes them your best friend...... But more than anything it's you that makes them your best friend because only you know what makes you happy, and when it's "someone" that makes you that happy they become your best friend. for me....... my best friend keeps all my secrets, never judges me, doesnt talk bad about me, always has my back in a confrontation whether I'm wrong or not, is my best party buddy....... and she's always there for me at ALL hours of the day!!.... Happy mylotting