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July 1, 2009 9:45pm CST
So I'm getting a new townhouse with my best friend and we weren't able to see inside the townhouse before signing the lease but when looking at the layouts it seemed like I had a decent walk-in closet with the smaller room so since I don't use a dresser I told her she could have the larger room even though we have the same amount of furniture because I needed more closet space. Well my boyfriend got the same style townhouse and they got their last weekend and come to find out I only have 4-5ft on closet space whereas she has 9 ft with the larger room. So do I talk to her and ask for the larger room because if I have to buy dressers its going to be too cramped for me or do I suck it up and deal with having a smaller room for 2 years and not having any space at all? She actually saw the room with my boyfriend since I wasn't there the weekend he moved in (its at college) and she brought up to him she thought it was going to be a problem but hasn't said anything to me at all and I figured she would. What would you do?
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2 Jul 09
I think that I would deal with the smaller closet. I don't think it would be right to ask for the larger room after the two of you have already come to a decision. Maybe you could ask her if you could store some of your stuff that isn't being used in her closet. Or, you could downsize. Get rid of the things that are just hanging around. I just had to do that because my children and I moved into a smaller place. Once everything that we didn't use was gone, I couldn't believe how much space we actually have!! It's amazing how much of a pack-rat I really am. LOL.