What will you do if you discovered your father has other family?

July 1, 2009 11:36pm CST
Seemingly this question is not so unusual these days. But still if you are the one directly involved, you still seem not to give the best response. I have few friends who find themselves in this situation and still as surprise as can be with their reactions. Many of them say, that its like watching a soap opera only this time they are the main characters. Its feels funny yet awkward at the same time, and if you really dig in... the pain is still there too. Some of my friends are on the side where they are the ones to whom the father spent his ample time just like a normal father do, only to find out that there was a family that do not enjoy much of that love and time. While some of my other friends are on the side that was left behind, some with few support, other with no support at all or either visibility on that matter. If you are on the either side, what do you do?
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@tessa9 (1086)
• Philippines
26 Mar 11
I don't think that I will be shocked at all if I will know that my dad has another family. He had been cheating since I was a kid so it's no surprise. I may have a younger brother or sister out there that I don't know of. I think it will surprising for those people who truly did not expect that their father could have a secret like this. I think the reaction will also be different depending on the situation. If the father cheated then I think it will be more hurtful but if the father did not know that he had a child from his past relationship because his partner back then did not tell him then I think it will be a lot better.
@setsuna26 (2410)
• Philippines
25 Mar 10
My first reaction will be a lil bit scary. Yes i will be extremely mad but after sometime i will ask him the details about what happened. I mean for me to decide what to do next i want to know the details of why something like that came up. Maybe my parents have some previous issues before thats why something like that happend . I wont be too quick to judge my father when that kind of sitution happens. Besides what else can you do? it happend already whether you like it or not its already been done all you have to do is accept the fact and its up to you if you will still accept your father or to be mad at him. Now if you ask me i will still forgive me.. well then its a different story for me mother though i heard from her that she wont forgive my dad if she founds out that he have another family ;)
@daliaj (5688)
• India
23 Mar 10
It is a really difficult question to answer. I don't think my father has a different family because he doesn't even have enough money to support my family. If I find out that my father has a different family, I will get mad. It will make me lose all my respect to him. I even stop talking to him or stop vising my home. I will be sad thinking about my Mom's feelings on the issue.