Do you listen to loud music while you are driving?

United States
July 2, 2009 3:37pm CST
I don't like to listen to loud music while I am driving. It might affect my listening to the external environment, such as on the street. Once I was riding with my cousin; and he loves to listen loud music. While we were on the intersection, we suppose stop when the ambulance was closed by. We couldn't hear the siren, so we still keep on going on. It was dangerous. So, don't turn the volume too loud while you are driving.
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• United States
5 Jul 09
Yes, I listen to loud music when driving, especially when I am driving to work. I like the feeling of having my favorite song blasting (while I attempt to sing the I have been driving with loud music for quite sometime now and I am always very alert, so I do not see a problem with it. It is one of those little things in life that makes me happy :)
@wcainsue (38)
• China
3 Jul 09
I like to ride high when listening to music ,as I feel that the speed of pleasure,great,the ride when I usually think,and music so that my thoughts are more inspirde by a more active
@Jill22 (265)
• Philippines
2 Jul 09
I don't have a driving license so basically I don't listen to loud music! :)
@OConnell87 (1046)
2 Jul 09
i don't drive but i think loud music would put me off, and its so dangerous because like you said you can't hear sirens etc etc and there could be someone beeping at you if there is something wrong with your car
• India
2 Jul 09
nope ... i dont listen to loud music when i drive .. ... alone .. its a different thing all together thou when im with my friends .. i do play some music then .. not too loud thou .,. just enough .. to bang our heads in excitement :) :0
• United States
2 Jul 09
i love listining to loud music becasue it keeps me focused at all times