what should i do with my life

July 2, 2009 5:27pm CST
i finished uni last month and i have a degree in chemistry, i really loved the first year but then after that i then realised that i wasn't interested in the modules i was learning and hence i didnt put 100% into revisin etc and i only got a 3rd. I am diappointed in one way because its a useless result but on the other hand its not as if i was stupid i just didnt work hard so i kinda deserved the result and its not as if i need that degree to get the job i want. I know that i want to be a crime scene investigator and i'm going to do a degree in that next year but i have a huge passion for business, i really want to help buisnesses improve and gain profit by making simple improvements, in my year off i'm going to set up my own website which i wont go into because that will be pages long lol so i think when i gain qualifications in forensics i would like to combine it with my own business
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