How bad are energy drinks for your health?

United States
July 3, 2009 3:22am CST
I drink an average of 3 or more amp energy drinks a day i know this is a tremendous amount but i just like the flavor and cant stop drinking them im pretty addicted... i was wondering if anyone has heard of any studies on energy drinks yet or has an educated guess on how they will affect our health short term/long term and high use low use im just very curious what im doing to my body...:)
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@bunnybon7 (37710)
• Holiday, Florida
3 Jul 09
im thinking this cant be good. you need to find a replacement of something that doesnt rev up your heart so much. maybe 1 a day then something else to drink like flavored water or something or juices you like the taste of. my grandson was doing that till a friend of his collapsed and had to be taken to emergency over to many energy drinks
@puqimx (360)
• Malaysia
3 Jul 09
hello kspezza09... with the rapid popularity growth of the energy drinks, there is almost no escaping them.......... Nowadays you can see them everywhere. In the fuel stations, supermarkets, TV, just everywhere..... it is said that these energy drinks energizes you and give you a short concentration While this may be true, there are also downsides to energy drinks........ if you are concerned with your health..... you’ve probably heard this a million times from your family and your best friend.... - Don’t consume too much sugar and watch out with caffeine
@Amorti (201)
• Turkey
3 Jul 09
You are ruining your body in long term. Mate, recommended top limit for daily consumption is just two bottles. At least try to stay "in" the limit as your first step. Getting addicted in pretty dangerous for your metabolism, you will need to feed that need forever if you go on like that.. If you are doing it just for the flaour/taste than it's easier for you to get rid of; find a similar taste!