I am annoyed with my parents

July 3, 2009 6:14am CST
i know that have no right to be annoyed or mad or anything but i find it really difficult to understand them both. I know that we've all been facing alot of pressures lately but is it neccessary that they should blame all of us for a single mistake that they've done? my parents were kinda old fashioned and was a devotee to their religion, and i respect that but they don't understand us. We're their children! for heavens sake they should learn to believe us even if we made mistakes but no, they had to believe their co church members.. it's just that maybe oneday all of us,(my siblings and I) would leave them because of their attitude
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• India
4 Jul 09
It Really Gets Tough Sometimes, But Let Me Tell you something It Is Only The Parents if at all, There is somebody who cares for you ... Never Doubt Your Parents They are The Ones who will Be there For You When Ever How Ever............ A Parents Love Towards the Children is One Love thats Offered in this world without expectance ................ Thank You ............