i mess up

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July 3, 2009 8:05pm CST
i mess up with my girl friend,the first thing, about two weeks ago i was hanging out with a girl that just my friend, and we went to see a movie the proposal i did not want to see it my friend did, i did not think anything of it the plan was to see star trek but when we got there she sad i don't want to see that i want to see the proposal. i told my GF that we were hangout and i sad w saw that, it bother her i was like OK it just my friend.. and the truth is i was thinking i wish i could see it with my GF why i was there(((( MY GF LIVES IN CHICAGO I Live IN MIAMI)))so that why i could not see it with my GF.. the sec thing is i went to a bar grill last sat night to have a beer and watch the UFC fight i was siting watch the fight keeping to my self and this girl comes up to me and start hiting on me i was blowing her off and i was get ing up to leave and she tried to kiss me i did not let her and i left. the next day i was kind of skired to tell her, i was telling the story to a co_worker and when i sat down my cell called my GF so she got a meg of the hole thing well she called and she ask me about it and i had a slip of the tong say "O i was not going to tell you that" i tell her everything i don't know what was going thru my head i tell her everything we have been fighting and i was thinking if i tell her this i am going to lose her. well now she does not trust me she sad i hurt her so bad by saying that and the other thing.. she sad she need time to think about us and if she can get over this and trust me.. and she sad we need to cool down and not have be BF & GF for a wile... i will gave her time she wants... i miss her so much i don't want to lose her this is the girl i want to marry she mens the world to me i love her so much she is the love of my life.i can see all that i did wrong in hinge site NOW:-( i been acking latey like i am single. i all ready talk to my friend and sad i can't hang out with you it bother my GF and i thought about it and if she was doing it i would not like it and it was wrong of me to do that to my GF... i dont want to lose her what can i do beside gave her time
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@mrakobesie (1246)
• United States
4 Jul 09
honestly, write her, or call her and tell her everything you just wrote here. I personally think a letter would be better because it will not turn into a fight before you can say everything you want. let her know exactly how you feel and why yo didn't want to tell her about the girl in the bar. I truly hope you guys will work it out and will be together. long distance relationship can be a real hell, but if you can be so far away and stay true to her, there is a good chance that you will be very hapy living your whole life together. good luck, hope she will understand you.