I love my daughter I call her

By Liz
United States
July 4, 2009 8:25am CST
My Girl, she is now 16 and I still can't believe she's that age! She is so open with me and makes me laugh out loud, belly laught the good kind that somethimes even bring tears . I get her jokes she gets mine while everyone else is clueless. She's always been sweet and even temperted. She had a boyfriend now they spend alot of time together, he's a sweetheart to. I worry though about them getting to close, been thinking of bringing up the subject of the pill, I know she would b honest with me but I'm so scared of the answer! I know 16 is young but I'm so confused what do u think?
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• United States
23 Jul 09
It seems like you and your daughter are very close. I personally wish I was that close with my mother when I was younger. She was too protective of me and snooped a lot, having to know where I was at all time, meeting my friends before I even got to hang out with them, and even looking through things in my room. It was insane! It took me until I was eighteen to tell my mom I had a boyfriend, by that time I had about four. I believe that you should talk to your daughter about her and her boyfriend. You should tell her exactly how you feel and believe that she is being honest with you. She seems like a really great daughter. I wish you the best!
@rc4567 (6)
• United States
4 Jul 09
I think if she is close to you like you say then I would bring up the the topic. It sounds like you have always had an open relationship and I am sure she will appreciate your willingness to be understanding and helpful. You are giving her space but also protecting her.
@pickwick (858)
• India
4 Jul 09
I think you must talk to her about it.16 is young but if you had been openly discussing things with her till now you will not find it embarrassing.And its your responsibility too.you can just start the discussion in a general way regarding relationships and your experiences.