privarcy, internet blogging, chatting, studidity or not???????

@apgh09 (514)
United States
July 4, 2009 12:41pm CST
People are so open on the computer all there personal information for all the world to see. I was reading this article about a couple who had every moment of their life on a blog even when they would be gone from from there house to be on vacation. And you know what happen when they returned they were robbed!!!!!! So I have some questions for mylot people. 1. were these people naive in posting their vacation on a blog letting people kow that they would be gone? 2. Do you feel the got what they deserve or just a victim of technology? 3. Did the robbers have a right to steel from these people because they seen an opportunity? 4. What do you consider too personal for internet blogs and website? 5. Do you feel that people who put personal info on the net and end up being a victim of a crime should have the right to contact the police for justice or is it there fault because they volunteered the information therefore it's there problem to deal with?
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@jayrene (2713)
• Philippines
4 Jul 09
i think that was their fault for putting it up in the internet. they should have known better. i dont think that robbers have any right to steal from anybody, they're criminals, and would not let an opportunity pass them by. they should still contact police, and report what happened, at least if the robbers, they will not be able to rob anybody else if they are in jail.