Just for laugh

@mapuang (612)
July 4, 2009 11:15pm CST
hey guys i know your so serious this days writing here in mylot. i will give you a story that make u laugh (if u get it) or not. its up to you. my friend send emai last night and i thought its nothing but when i read it i laugh. so here it is: how fortunate are you There are 3 dad's in a restaurant and they having a conversation about their fortunate son's. the 1st dad said, "my son promoted as supervisor in their company and his salary is $2,000/month, and last week he gave his bestfriend a brandnew laptop.". then a 2nd dad said, "my son promoted as a manager in their company ad his salary is $5,000/month and he give his bestfriend a brand new car.", and the 3rd dad said, "well your son(refering to 1st dad) is supervisor, and your son (refering to 2nd dad) is manager, my son is fortunate than your son. he is now a vice president of their company and then he will be promote as president next year as president of the company, and last week he gave his bestfriend a condo unit in Makati." the 2 dad amaze on what have the 3rd dad son fortune. then the 4th dad came out from the restroom and he heard the 3 dad's conversation. the 1st dad ask the 4th dad, "and u what is your son fortune?" the 4th dad said, "he is less fortunate, he is a gay and a dancer in a club, but i accept him, and im very proud of him, although he is fortunate he have a brand new laptop from his 1st boyfriend, he has a brand new car from his 2nd boyfriend and right now he has a condo unit in Makati that gave of his latest boyfriend."then the 3 dad's was in shock and disbelief on what the 4th dad tell them. what will be your reaction if you experience a scenario like this? please leave some comment about this and every comment is highly appreciated. thanks. happy mylotting
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