I got hurt Bollywood style... anyone ever got hurt the way they show in movies?

@agrim94 (3811)
July 5, 2009 8:56am CST
Yesterday i had a drink in my hand and the glass was quite thin and I was holding in my hand. Then i got a phone and was asked to read mails. i read the mail glass still in my hand and the news got me so angry that my fist clinched and i broke that glass in hand. ofcourse i got hurt with glass in my hand small pieces going in hand. but it is ok now. I have seen this thing happen in Bollywood movies once or twice. Now this got me thinking.. did anyone of you my friends ever got hurt the way they might have shown in movies?
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• India
27 Sep 09
haha hero, i have seen how angry you can get and i have seen when u get angry then u do angry.. so i glass breaking like Amitabh bacchan would do in many movies hmm naming one ie Parwana.. no one has heard of this movie as it was a flop movie, a murder mystry and he was villian in movie..good thing it flopped or Amitabh as hero we would have never known. Now i know when that happened in june ,just pls be careful..and keep ur anger in check and dont be an angry young man.
• India
5 Jul 09
You are one helluva angry young man. I have once fell while stepping down a bus. I ran and jumped into the bus but I lost one of my sandals while boarding. So I tried to get down the bus immediately and I fell down on my Buttocks and Back. I had a few abrasions and bleeding palm. But fortunately I had no fractures. It was early morning so I was not embarassed by a crowd to watch my blooper. But the incident gave me a good fright and a good lesson. NEVER TRY TO BOARD/GET DOWN A RUNNING BUS
• United States
5 Jul 09
Better watch that temper could be dangerous. Hope your hand is o.k. no, i don't recall ever getting hurt in that way but i have done some stupid things & gotten hurt by not be as careful as i should be.