WHich of the following movies is best in johnny depp muviz?

@Anandhh (389)
July 5, 2009 11:20am CST
1)Pirates of the carribean 2)The Brave 3)The deadman post which muvi u like among these movies and the reason u like ppl
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@sagnik42 (3597)
• India
21 Nov 09
Well pirates of the carribean is an extremely good movie. But you have missed out on some really good Johnny Depp movies. Blow and Ed Wood were superb and Johnny Depp deserves the full credit for that. You should watch these movies.
@mariahp (29)
• Mexico
26 Sep 09
Oh my God I really love JD...!! I prefer Pirates of the Caribbean..!! it's funny and johnny as a captain is so sexy hihihi he's my favorite actor, maybe is not the most beautiful or handsome man but for me he is and I love all his characters, he's a great actor and my favorite :)
@x_Jo_x (1042)
12 Jul 09
Ahhh Pirates of the caribbean! I havent seen the other two i dont think though, so i guess i cant really judge properly but i Love Depp as Jack Sparrow! I think he really plays the character really well, and makes him so unique! He makes the whole film great and adds so much humour too it. I dont think any actor could play Jack as well as Johnny Depp could. I do prefer the first POTC movie to the second two i think, but they are all great!
@shibham (17022)
• India
5 Jul 09
hi anandhh, i like the first one bcoz it's story is interesting and my favourite hero is there. hehehe....