Steve McNair

United States
July 5, 2009 10:10pm CST
We don't have all the details yet but I still can't believe someone killed Steve McNair! It is nuts! I also don't understand why,like so many other men,had a mistress on the side! Steve McNair seem to be such a nice giving guy and a good QB! Then I hear this about the other woman! I don't have respect for men you cheat! This is more disturbing, at times,then knowing he was shot to death! We haven't heard the last of this story!
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@Aurone (4758)
• United States
6 Jul 09
Its not a good time to be a celebrity, they are dying at an alarming rate, Ed McMan, Farrah Fawcett, Micheal Jackson and now Steve McNair. I don't know why he felt he needed a mistress either, can't men be faithful to their wives? I am sure we will get all the sordid details of the whole affair, and its probably not going to be pretty. I feel sorry for his family who will get dragged along in the mud as well. What a sad ending to a great quarterback.
• United States
6 Jul 09
I have been hearing McNair was spending so much time with his mistress that he was rarely home with his wife and kids! I hate when I hear men who have mitresses and cheat on their gl/w! It is like they don't care,have no rsepect and want to have it all!
• Japan
12 Jul 09
Well having met Steve before he was a star he was one of the good guys. It appears to me that if one were to look at the whole body of work done by a person in his lifetime then he was one of the good guys. I was at the very first college game he played his freshman year when he came off the bench and led his team to victory. I was there when he was hurt and came off the bench in the 4th and went on to lead his team to a tie against Mississippi Valley. In reference to his affair, well he is not the first and won`t be the last. No one knows what was going on between him and his wife. What we do know is that his girlfriend was not a secret. Then someone said he spent more time with her than his kids,how would you know where you at his house. Hell, his oldest son is wideout for Oak Grove High School. Steve was at every game on the sidelines. Had just finished a football camp there a week before . But people love to talk. We all have at one time or another made decisions that may have not been the best one. But just like we want others to forgive us and not judge us we need to do the same.