What are some good ways to make money online?

United States
July 6, 2009 12:40pm CST
I am tired of ptcs where I click an ad and get a penny! Its almost not worth the time! I hate gpt sites because you have to give so much information out. Is there any website where I could earn a decent income?
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@EliteUser (3971)
• Australia
7 Jul 09
Hey, Well I don't really know what good ways their are to make money, I have no idea. Hopefully someone below me can answer your question, I wish I could. Anywayz I wish you well, have a great day MyLotting!!
@zearah (5289)
• Philippines
6 Jul 09
I believe in this cachet "no pain no gain". If you are really interested to earn do some tasks and possible you can have $2 to $5, just make sure it's approved. Well in my case I just keep on posting here and enjoy every discussion I entered into. So far so good! I'm heading to my target $50 at the end of this month - July 2009. Hope I could get it here in mylot. Though I also have 1 site that's pretty good and true it pays on time - daily or monthly!
@2EarnMoney2 (1163)
• United States
6 Jul 09
Please take a moment to view my article, 50 free things to help you earn online. Using a few sites and applying some of the programs in there will make the entire process easier on ya and produce better money results for your time and effort.
• India
6 Jul 09
i have the list of some websites which are good to pay.you can visit my blog which is in my profile in my website link.the sites listed are genuine and does pay
@Courtom (288)
• Canada
6 Jul 09
If you love photography, and take professional pictures, with professional SLR cameras, there are many website out there where you can earn money buy selling the rights, or prints of your image. The site takes a cut and does all the work of producing and shipping the print, and you earn money on your photo. If interested, I have a list of some sites on a discussion I started today
@avidavi1 (265)
• India
6 Jul 09
Yes there is one. I will be happy if you join under me, as this site is pretty good and i want to make most out of it. I cant post the link here. I have addd you as a frnd, accept it and then i will PM you the link.