Do you like Mr. Bean

July 7, 2009 2:04am CST
Mr. Bean... all people recognize it, famous this figure barrel of funny, the stupidity and the bear doll.. but sometimes generates madness ideas, what makes the audiences to agape.. each time this event emerges in TV, i have never over come it.. because this event of this TV, can eliminate taste stres and saturation..
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@tr0tilas (63)
• Lithuania
16 Aug 09
sometimes he is boring and the same, but ussualy he is funny, I like him, he is great comedian.
@joezon50 (379)
• Hong Kong
15 Aug 09
Yes its funny at first i like him but lately maybe i saw old act that's why i feel not liking him that much. thnx my friend.
@joygracia (1328)
• Philippines
9 Aug 09
Yup, he is one heck of a comedian. My stomach keep hurting because of laughing so hard with all his silliness and stupidity. Although he looks really abnormal and all that, its really funny and I just like watching it.
@shhheila (1847)
• Philippines
2 Aug 09
mr bean is so funny, even he do stupid things and it ends with good funny endings. i have the complete episodes here, my cousins laugh in tears and laugh their hearts out. its funny and you can smile while watching it. others think its cheezy and thinks he is annoying, but for us here, we love mr. bean and his teddy.
@springs (926)
• India
29 Jul 09
I like Mr.Bean character and actor.That actor made some comedy film too.I saw it.Mr.Bean is really awesome how those writer get the idea that makes people laugh.Comedy series become rare in tv channels.All are concentrating on commercial and fighting series.
• Philippines
15 Jul 09
true! i love mr. bean his shows are very hilarious. My father used to collect VHS of Mr. bean. Ü Our family is a big fan of mr. bean. he never fails to make us laugh!Ü
@KawaiiInu (143)
• Uruguay
7 Jul 09
Nice Disscusion, Donald_Bebek! Yes, I adore Mr. Bean! I LOVE everything that Rowan Adkintson does, he is so talented! I love him in Blackadder, he make me laugh, and laugh!
• Philippines
7 Jul 09
i love mr. bean... it makes me laugh just thinking about those stupid things he does.... just don't immitate him or you will surely make a fool of yourself.. LOL