July 7, 2009 6:14am CST
Adults secretary said:"i have six houses,you have it?" Prople say zichuan zibo city secretary adults. When he was the face of the U.S. chamber of commerce Dr.Deng,thearrogance to say the words,Dr.Deng was a mockery of seocy for another hidden corrupt officials of the Government.Yes ah!A monthly salary of 2800 yuan,only the officials,we have a house to 100 square meters bu 1 openrator,he may be a small point,but for us small people have big enough,not high prices zibo2.500 yuan per square meter,a set of 250,000yuan.6 sets of 1.5 million yuan,536 on the needs of its 45 years of income,can not have any expenditures to the money each house decoration conservative calculation,an average of 5 million yuan,300,000yuan to be.That is,to the secretary to work 9 years,still can not have any expenses.Can decoration costs,as for furniture?because i am unfamiliar to the price of rurniture can not be conclusive,but according to their own"rough" level of a house will not be lower than the luxury furniture. This is probably for him to increase the length of service more than a decade to complete.One's life to live many more years can work for many years to the secretary less than 50-year-old has been completed ahead of schedule a few years ago,we had to admire his"work" strong capacity.The true face of party discipline,judicial investigation of the original first-hand evidence,we have the party discipline and state law can not sanction a society borer-the party of the corrupt elements,are true as he said:"above my people,public security,French leaders are my buddies,will go,no one can remove me ,is reported to the United Nations,the secretary's position is also me."three decades of" constitution they are white school,and we are all accepted the party's decades-lod education of party members,party members and leadership to see them wearing the ring,the use of the hands of the party and the powers vested in the people and make people do some bad things despised by the pary's image among the masses of the great ruined Yi do,we feel very anxious and istressed.As he said the party,the law can not sanction him.This is a person,but was promted to deputy county-level leadership now,not only the irony of human nature,the party and the government is serious satire.Are we really no one party can be used is?san,san,sad,sad,sad,sad,sad......
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