A strange news

@meapas (2434)
July 7, 2009 7:05am CST
The other day I read in the newspaper that human milk is for sale. It seems the lady in question is having difficulty in controlling the flow of milk from her breast and so she would be giving it to milk bank. How did you react to this news? meapas.
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@4mymak (1796)
• Malaysia
7 Jul 09
strange but true... i was shocked when another friend started a similar discussion 2 years ago.. the story she shared was about 'adult man' buying these milk for themselves - which to me is totally disgusting !! but if it is for feeding babies who are not able to get milk from their own mothers - i am all for it....
@toonvk (267)
• Belgium
7 Jul 09
It kind of find it discusting. But there is nothing wrong with it. Farmers get paid for cows milk. Than why not women?
@srganesh (6349)
• India
7 Jul 09
Is there any milk bank for mother's milk?I am hearing this for the first time.Well,her idea to give it to some bank like that is appreciated.But why should she sell it?She could donate it for some children who don't have adequate supply from their mothers.But if she is poor and the bank is ready to buy for money,I don't find anything wrong in it.Cheers!