Horror Experiences

July 7, 2009 10:24am CST
I have heard a lot Ghost/evil spirits stories from my friends & family members but I have'nt experienced it. I really dont know whether I should believe them or not as I never had a such an experience. My friend just told me that last night she saw a horror movie before sleeping. As she switched off the TV and was about to sleep she heard the dial tone of the phone( on the speaker)she got so scared, but then she fell asleep praying to God. I feel like this must be a technical problems, she must have just been scared as she had seen the movie before sleeping. Do you have such horror experience to share.
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• India
7 Jul 09
I have not experienced. And i don't believe in this ghosts.In a local channel in T.V they asked real people of this experience and some of them told they saw ghosts and all those stuffs .
7 Jul 09