Do you think calling it the holidays or xmas is offensive?

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November 12, 2006 7:04pm CST
This is a topic thats on my mind. I've seen in emails, on myspace, yahoo, lots of diffrent places diffrent comments now that the Christmas is getting closer. I've often myself used the term xmas while typing informally in emails and blogs just to cut down the amount of typing I do. I mean nothing disrespectful by this I'm only using short hand...should I be offended by those that LOL or BTW and stuff like that? Silly! Also I've gotten a couple of those emails being forwarded around complaining of people no longer saying merry christmas or putting up signs or sending cards saying merry christmas but now using the term happy holidays. I often use this term. I don't know why I am seeing the complaints about this. Wasn't America founded on being free to presue your own religion and culture? By saying Happy Holidays you are including all cultures regardless of what holiday they are celebrating, and not just singling out christians by saying Merry Christmas. What happen to valuing diversity I'm sick of people complaining about other cultures needing to be AMERICAN...I thought America was built on freedom of religion and culture??? I guess we have lost sight of what AMERICA and FREEDOM means?
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13 Nov 06
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15 Nov 06
well good thanks