Obama is the dumbest president EVER!!!!

United States
July 7, 2009 3:29pm CST
Yes you read that right, now mind you I have never met the guy but from the stuff i have read throughout the newspapers and such this is the worst guy ever to have in the office. I didn't vote for him. And those of you who did, well i hope you are satified with the tax hikes he has installed. I hope you are up to having gay marriage legal and that the insitution of marrage is no longer what it once was. I hope you like the fact that your president is a moron and cant make up his mind. He is way too inexperienced for his position. Its like he is sitting in the white house playing with a magic eight ball asking it questions on how to lead this country. First he says everything is nessesary for Iran not to have nukes, then as Isreal is getting ready he says there is no way US will back their strike which gives Iran that much more lee way to build their bombs. And North Korea- well its just a stupid ploy. Obama has no idea what the hell he is doing so all hell is breaking out. Americans are living in fear. WHich isn't all so bad since most of us have lived padded lives thinking that the government is for us when in all fact they are far from being able to help any of us. There is just so much wrong with this country and it seems like it gets worse every day. Obama needs to resign but that wont happen because he is so high up on his horse that when he does fall- and he will, he will be taking down america too. Don't believe me, just wait and sit by as our freedoms are taken away. Like freedom of religion- which is already on the chopping block. Dont think so what about the pastor that is facing jail time because of the trip he took to the beach with people and they over heard a cerimony on the bible that wasn't even connected to what he was doing. Or the fact that those who hold bible studies are being questioned and that your freedom to asseble is slowly being erroded by corruption. Our country people was once the land of tolerence and freedom from persicution. But look around. History is repeating itself. Instead of it being with color of skin its personal morals that are being discriminated against. Instead of it being the right to vote for females, its become the gay community demanding their rights and benifits. Look around people, we are making wrong choices that once made cant be undone. we all need to stop and relize what the hell is going before we wake up one day to find our beloved country has burned down and all that remains is a distant memory of how things once were.
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• United States
7 Jul 09
I agree with you. Obama is the worst thing that was ever happened to our country. He bowed down to the king of Saudi Arabia!!! And asked the king how for advice! What kind of a man is Obama?? Not a good one. I hope America is happy!