Moving my kid to his own room, already 3 + years..

@nehaagra (849)
July 7, 2009 10:19pm CST
Hi all, i have 2 kids, elder is 5 years, n younger 3 yrs. but till now both share room with us. I tried a lot to move them to their own room, but my younger one cries a lot. And won't stop. And due to it the all 4 of us can't sleep, so again we move them back to our room n finally sleep. Even when sharing the same room, during night time he moves a lot, and checks for us,especiaally his father, is he there or not?? ,And thus our sleep also gets disturbed. I'm really fed up.. help me how to teach him, n move him to his room...
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@meandmy3 (2228)
• United States
8 Jul 09
I know it is hard and with his advanced age it is going to be even harder. You need to get him in his room, he will cry at first but if you make a big deal about it, make it as if he is such a big boy and only babies sleep with mommy and daddy. It is difficult to get a child to sleep in their own room, you are the one that has to be strong. You may need to start out slow, by laying down with him till he is asleep then moving to sitting in a chair till he is asleep then move the chair further and further from the bed till you are out of the room take him to the store and allow him to pick out a special stuffed animal to sleep with.
@nehaagra (849)
• Singapore
8 Jul 09
Yep , thanx for the advice, as a start i did laid 2 beds in the same room, n kids sleep in different bed. Lets see...