Are you good at reading people?

July 8, 2009 3:00am CST
Can you tell whether a person is good or bad after meeting them the first time? They say first impressions are everything. A person you meet the first time can be nice to you but they may not be showing their true colors. Some people are nice to you in person but talk badly about you behind your back. So how can you really tell? Can you tell if any of the mylotters here are good or bad people?
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@seymiss (627)
9 Jul 09
Sometimes it's difficult to read people especially on first encounter but along the way you will get to know that person and then you will know his/her true colours. You might have guessed it or got the feeling that he/she is that way or this way but time will tell.And if you were right then you will know if you have the gift of reading people or not. Iam not an expert on reading people but i mostly get it right cheers!